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CD Linear L

CD Linear L.jpg

CD Linear L is the most popular wall wash / graze fitting n the range.

High output 70W / 1200mm & 55W / 1000mm in a low profile of 52mm x 34mm is a perfect balance of size and power.

Available in single colour, tune-able white,  RGBW or RGBA it's ideal for discreet high wall, graze and washing.


Single Colour 2700k - 6500K / TW2700K - 6500K / RGBW / RGBA

Range of optics

Input Voltage - 48VDC or 240VAC

Control Protocol - On/Off / 0-10V / DALI - DMX (RDM Compliant)

Addressing Options - Auto / Manual / RDM

Housing - Aluminium / Marine grade anodising available upon request

Colour - Black / White / Silver / Custom

4mm Toughened Glass


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