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ROYAL hobart hospital

K Block Level 6



Situated at the entrance to the Children's Ward at the new Royal Hobart Hospital is a new kinetic ceiling installation.

Drawing inspiration from the Aurora Australis, the concept designed by Lyons Architecture welcomes the visitor with spectacular sky scape.

The luminaires were a bespoke solution by Space Cannon Australia and combine RGBW pixel controlled LED with the latest edge-lit perspex technology.

Controlling the luminaires is a custom generated Aurora effect that is constantly evolving, never looking the same.

Concept Design - Lyons Architects

Luminaire Design & System Architecture - Space Cannon Australia

Installation - FIP Electrical

“The Aurora Australis lighting installation is the centrepiece of the Paediatric and Adolescent Ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Working closely with Space Cannon, we were able to bring our design idea to life. Through design iteration and prototyping, the installation plays a key role in the experience of 'a trip to the Antarctic' which is featured throughout the ward. Located in the Public Lift Lobby, the installation provides an exciting yet calming experience for the children and their families when entering the facility, which is paramount to their well-being during a stressful situation. Designed to mimic the Aurora Australis, the lighting display is dynamic and ever changing, making every moment unique. Space Cannon's enthusiasm to deliver allowed this truly one of a kind piece come to life, one that the client is very proud of.”


Andim Taip

Architect - Lyons

We recently sat down with Andim Taip to discuss bringing this concept to life. Watch the video here!


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